Book Review

This month’s book review is called ‘Your Next Five Moves’ by Patrick Bet-David which sets out to show both successful entrepreneurs, and chess masters, have the vision to look at the pieces in front of them and anticipate their next five moves.

The five moves mentioned n the title of the book relate to the following;

Move 1 – Master Knowing Yourself

Who do you want to be? Ask questions. With self awareness you gain the power of choice and control over your actions, and to consider what direction to take. and why it matters. Nothing matters unless you understand what makes you tick, and who you want to be.

Move 2 – Master the Ability to Reason

Process issues and provide a methodology to deal with decisions you’ll face. No decision is ever black and white.

Move 3 – Master Building the Right Team

Understand others to build the right team around you that will help you grow. Challenge people to find the best in themselves.

Move 4 – Master Strategy to Scale

How to implement strategy to scale to create exponential growth. You should think like a seasoned CEO by this stage and be able to gain and maintain momentum. Create systems that allow you to track and measure key parts of your business.

Move 5 – Master Power Plays

How to beat the goliath in your industry. How to control the narrative. The book uses secrets from one of the most notorious business organisations in the world, the mob!

A Playbook For Your Vision

This is a playbook for accomplishing your vision. The gains for this will be: 

CLARITY on what you want and who you want to be. 

STRATEGY to help you reason in the war room and the board room. 

GROWTH TACTICS for good times and bad. 

SKILLS for building the right team based on strong values. 

INSIGHT on power plays and the art of applying leverage. 

The book teaches how to act like a chess grandmaster and to always think five moves ahead. It sets out that the only thing separating us from greatness is a vision and a plan for achieving greatness.  

Find your blue ocean in business to succeed. Rather than competing in games where you’re an underdog, find unexplored new markets in which you can win, and ultimately make the competition irrelevant. 

In business you should constantly ask what you can track and create systems around that. 

Always think beyond your first move and do not compromise on speed, execution or efficiency.

Good book. One of the several I read on a recent holiday and I sailed through this one very quickly as it was a decent read and well written.