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The Americans are Coming!! 

A detailed assessment on the overseas buyers of UK companies and where they are coming from and what sectors they are buying into.

Warren Buffett Annual Letter

Warren Buffett sent out his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders this week, a must read for investors around the world.

Lessons from the Entrepreneurs Convention – Part 1

Last month I attended an event with some great entrepreneurial speakers and lots of updates and lessons in the world of business. There was so much content that I am going to split it into two parts with this being part 1 and part 2 will follow next month. In this...

Bank of England – You’re Fired

Why did the economist bring a crystal ball to work? Because even though they’re always predicting, they figured they might as well use a tool that’s just as accurate!!! Bit tongue in cheek, but also unfortunately true. The economists and the so-called experts at the...
Smart Grants

Smart Grants

The Government via Innovate UK has recently launched via its Smart Grants Programme, a new competition for grants. If...

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