This month’s book review is a little left field and is ‘Big Money Energy’ by Ryan Serhant.

Many of you may not have heard of Ryan unless you are an avid watcher of Million Dollar Listing New York, which is a real estate reality TV programme set in New York. It follows the story of 4 real estate brokers and how they sell high end properties and new developments in this most expensive of cities. Being a reality programme, it also follows their personal life and how they interact with one another, but essentially you get to see some of the most amazing properties with equally amazing price tags, and I have to confess I’ve watched it from day 1. It is fair to say they don’t act like any estate agent I’ve ever seen in the UK.

The show has been going for 9 years now across 8 series and Ryan has featured from the very first episode. Indeed, Ryan and another broker Fredrik Eklund are the two main stars of the show and are both multi-millionaires, in a big way off the back of the show and due to the property deals they now complete every year and their expertise and profile.

Last year Ryan, founder of SERHANT, a multidimensional real estate brokerage sold nearly $1.45bn of real estate and has the most followed real estate brand in the world.

Now the first thing to say is that the book is not a book about how to be successful in real estate. There are plenty of stories in there about real estate but they are all in there to illustrate the points he is trying to make. There are some great stories in there and some very funny ones too.

The book is called ‘Big Money Energy – How to rule at work, dominate at life and make millions’ and is all about being 100% committed to making your own vision a reality, and making that vision BIG and succeeding at life. 

There are some really good takeaways from the book, including:

  • The Thousand Minute Rule – whether you are a billionaire or homeless, after sleeping and eating, everyone has the same c1,000 minutes a day, and it is what you do with them that counts and you need to track the activity. Ryan has a very strict schedule tracked at 15-minute intervals which is a bit hardcore, but he does get a lot done!
  • Build Your Round Table – He has an interesting take on King Arthur and his key people round his table. Ryan suggests round your own table you need your Reputation (who you are/must have a good reputation), your Competition (your competition will drive you), your Who (the person(s) you will do anything for) and your Task Master (helps you do the things you need to do, delegate and cancel other things)
  • Be the Big Version of You – A key theme in the book, this is about thinking about the big version of you – the more amplified, larger than life version. Not in an overbearing pushy way but thinking about where you want to be and what you need to be to get there.
  • Have a Futures Folder – Have some form of folder or book that captures any good idea or thought for the future. You may not have time to consider it now but one day it may be something to revisit, but don’t lose these potential future opportunities.

I really enjoyed this book and indeed his first book too, Sell it like Serhant, so if you fancy reading something a little different but with some great business and personal messages, please enjoy.